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乐虎国际唯一登录 lehu58vip乐虎国际电玩城研究院面向海内外公开招聘教师启事(长期有效)
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乐虎国际电玩城研究院成立于2007年,是乐虎国际唯一登录 lehu58vip一所独立的,按照国际模式管理运行的研究院。研究院开展的各项工作得到了学校方面大力的支持。研究院现设有硕 士、博士学位项目,拥有良好的科研教学氛围、充足的科研经费、专业的行政支持、先进的硬件设施,并为老师提供有竞争力的薪资、科研启动经费及其他的福利待 遇。学院拥有强大的师资阵容,全部老师在海外知名院校获得博士学位。


Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics and Finance embraces talents from all related fields in economics and finance. All qualified applicants are welcome to apply for opening positions of professor and associate professor in Department of Economics and Department of Finance.

Founded in 2007, Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics and Finance is a graduate school at Renmin University of China. It follows western administrative and management patterns, and has postgraduate and doctoral degree programs. The institute attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation. Since its founding, the institute has received unprecedented support from the university. It is equipped with good academic research and teaching atmosphere, sufficient research funds, professional administrative team and advance facilities. It provides the faculty members, who have all received Ph.D. degrees from renowned universities outside of China, with market-rate competitive salaries, research start-up support, as well as other welfares.

The interested applicants should obtain Ph.D. degree in related fields and possess strong capability for academic research and publication. Please send a cover letter, CV, three recommendation letters, together with your selected publications to hanqingruc@gmail.com .