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加拿大驻华大使馆商务公使Dave Murphy:愿意支持更多这样的高水平合作

(以下正文:来自加拿大驻华大使馆商务公使Dave Murphy先生在人大女王金融硕士项目第二届行业高管班入学欢迎典礼讲话的中英文全文)








加中两国的教育合作有悠久的历史。今年,乐虎国际唯一登录 lehu58vip正在庆祝改革开放40周年。我想很自豪地告诉诸位,在乐虎国际唯一登录 lehu58vip改革开放后,加拿大是第一个大规模帮助乐虎国际唯一登录 lehu58vip重建高校教学和科研能力的西方国家。

在80年代初,加拿大政府资助了一系列在乐虎国际唯一登录 lehu58vip的教育能力培养项目。其中加中管理教育项目,取得了很重要的成就。第一,它帮助了乐虎国际唯一登录 lehu58vip高校建立起第一批MBA课程。第二,它影响到乐虎国际唯一登录 lehu58vip建立其新的会计和审计标准。这些非常适应乐虎国际唯一登录 lehu58vip改革开放和发展市场经济的需要。

今天,我们更高兴看到加拿大的大学还在积极地与乐虎国际唯一登录 lehu58vip伙伴合作,开发适应市场和精英人才的特色课程。


乐虎国际唯一登录 lehu58vip的金融业逐渐地向国际开放,需要更多有着国际金融知识和国内从业经验的人才。

在全球经济有些动荡的今天,很显然乐虎国际唯一登录 lehu58vip在世界金融舞台上的影响会越来越大。



我也祝愿2018年的新学员们学业有成,事业顺利,生活美满。希望这个项目不仅让您学到新的知识,更能扩大您在加拿大和乐虎国际唯一登录 lehu58vip的人脉。希望您作为业界的领袖,在将来的加中经贸合作中也能做出一点贡献。



Dear Vice President Wu, Dean Wang and Dean Saunders, Esteemed guests,

Good afternoon.

It is a great pleasure for me to be here with you on this special occasion.

On behalf of the Embassy of Canada, I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to both the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University and to the Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics and Finance at Renmin University, for the opening of their 2018 Master of Finance Executive Class. It also marks 5 years of successful cooperation between Queen’s and Renmin on the delivery of this joint program in Beijing since 2014.

I am very pleased to see that, with the efforts over the past few years, the Program has not only been able to attract more and more young professionals in the finance industry but also extend its offerings to cater to the needs of senior executives active in China’s financial market.

Education is a key pillar in the Canada-China bilateral relationship, because international education exchanges create strong people-to-people links. These links increase our peoples’ understanding of each other’s values, enable greater cooperation, cultural and scientific exchanges, trade and investment, and aid our ability to mutually prosper in today’s global economy.

Canada and China have a longstanding history of cooperation in education. As China is celebrating its 40th anniversary of its economic reform and opening up, we are proud to share with you that Canada was one of the first western countries to engage with China on a large scale to help rebuild its teaching and research infrastructure in higher education.

As early as the 1980’s, the Government of Canada funded development programs that encouraged education ties with China, among which the Canada-China Management Education Program made a major contribution not only to the founding of the very first MBA programs at Chinese universities, but also to the establishment of national accounting and auditing standards in China. These are two important steps in the path of China’s social transformation and progress.

Today we are pleased to see this legacy continue as Canadian universities strengthen their partnerships with China by developing unique programs to satisfy your needs as high caliber, intelligent learners.

Queen's University has long been involved in educating business and finance professionals. They launched the first Commerce degree program in Canada almost 100 years ago, in 1919.  By focusing on research, graduate teaching and intensive international exchanges and cooperation, the Hanqing Institute has built the world-class faculty which will be jointly teaching this Master of Finance program. We will be happy to support more high quality programs like this in the future.

As the Chinese financial industry opens its door to foreign investors, professionals with western finance knowledge and Chinese experience are greatly needed. With the current turmoil in the global economy, it becomes even more apparent that China is playing a critical role through its influence on the global financial stage.

It also becomes clear that those who have knowledge of both western and Asian markets have an important advantage over those who do not, and they are better equipped to navigate the difficult waters of global finance.

Also I would like to wish all the commencing students of the Class of 2018 good luck in their studies, and success and prosperity in their future. I hope this program will help you upgrade your skills for working in the financial field but more importantly help you expand your professional network here and in Canada.  We count on you, as leaders in your field, to play an important role in helping the Canada-China relationship grow closer.

In closing, I would like to congratulate again Queen’s and Renmin University for their achievement, and to wish them another successful cohort.

Thank you very much.